Typology Transfer

Resilient living in Dhaka's suburbs








Transforming Dhaka: Innovative Building Typologies for Sustainable Housing and Flood Mitigation
The Typology Transfer is focused on solving the housing and flooding problems on a site in Dhaka, using the qualities of three case studies: Unidad Residencial El Paraiso, Sui Wo Court, and Via Verde. These qualities are used to create six new building typologies that cater to the needs of the residents of Dhaka.
The river type provides flood-proof housing within floating farms, with roof terraces and pinwheel floorplans creating communal spaces in the center of the building. The waterfront type comprises low-rise buildings that provide compact housing and shared spaces, with roof terraces and open ground floors that provide communal spaces and public green areas. The urban type meets the high demand for housing while leaving space on the ground floor for communal and commercial functions. The city core type uses duplex apartments to provide high-density housing around a communal lobby, increasing the sense of safety and belonging in the growing city.
The project also includes improvements to existing buildings without the need for demolition, providing more public space and increasing accessibility during flooding. Overall, the architecture project utilizes a combination of unique qualities from case studies and new building typologies to address housing and flooding issues in Dhaka while creating communal spaces and public green areas.

Housing Types from Global Inspiration

The project draws inspiration from diverse case studies worldwide. It ingeniously blends elements from different contexts, crafting bespoke housing types that harmonize with their unique locations. From urban vitality to serene landscapes, experience a symphony of design that pays homage to global influences while creating homes that resonate with their local surroundings.

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