inspired by everyday stories

driven by ambition

Inspired by everyday stories

Driven by ambition

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Connecting people and architecture

Studio Willem Elskamp was founded with the purpose to bridge the gap between people and architecture. That’s why people are at the heart of everything we do.  Inspired by everyday stories, we empower communities by providing them with a voice in the design of their environments. We enjoy using participatory methods to engaging with communities and learn about their stories and aspirations. This collaborative approach enables us to create spaces where people can gather, meet, interact, and play. It’s through this interactive dialogue that architecture transforms into a living, breathing extension of the communities it embraces.

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Willem Elskamp

Hello! I’m Willem Elskamp, and I’m excited to share a bit about my architectural journey with you. I have obtained a master’s degree in architecture from the TU Delft, specialising in the realm of heritage and architecture. However, my foundation extends beyond the drawing board, as I hold both a secondary degree (MBO) and a bachelor’s degree (HBO) in construction engineering.

My journey is enriched by hands-on experiences gained from various construction and architecture companies. These ventures have granted me a deep understanding of the complexity between design and implementation. My academic endeavours as a teacher assistant further fortified my commitment to knowledge sharing and mentoring. My quest for a full understanding of architecture led me to Moscow, where I studied real estate and industry management, amplifying my insights with an international perspective. I’ve also had the privilege of working on-site in Faro, Portugal, where I witnessed firsthand how architecture can energize communities and breathe new life into historical landscapes.

From heritage preservation to technical finesse, from real-world application to academic mentorship, my diverse background shapes my approach to architecture. My journey is an exploration of how architecture can inspire, engage, and enrich lives.

Architects without borders

Our experience working on a global scale has resulted in a studio that thrives on fostering international collaborations. Our extensive engagement across borders and disciplines has provided us with a profound global perspective, empowering us to make meaningful contributions at every juncture of the design process. Meet our diverse network of creatives and professionals with whom we collaborate.


Krist van Herck

Architect & Engineer

Mexico City, Mexico

Krist van Herck, an Architect and Engineer who’s a vital part of our international collaborations. A proud alumnus of TU Delft, Krist has honed his craft across Belgium and Mexico. Now anchoring his own architecture firm in Mexico City, his expertise seamlessly blends heritage, engineering, and contemporary design. Krist’s creations tell stories of the past with a modern twist, preserving legacies while embracing innovation. With a portfolio as diverse as his journey, he enriches our studio with a distinctive perspective that shapes spaces where history and modernity coexist harmoniously.

prof. dr.

antonio carlos queiroz filho

Professor department of Geography & Researcher

Victória, Brazil

Carlos Queiroz, a dedicated professor based in Brazil, driving positive change through community engagement in the face of urban complexities. With a passion for connecting with people, Carlos excels in weaving their narratives through the intricate threads of media and art. His teachings go beyond classrooms, empowering communities to voice their stories. Carlos’ expertise enriches our studio, infusing projects with a deep understanding of human experiences. As a storyteller of places and people, he plays a pivotal role in shaping environments that resonate with authenticity,


Qiyang Tao


Shanghai, China

Qiyang Tao, an accomplished architect and proud TU Delft graduate. Based at a prestigious architecture firm in Shanghai, Tao specialises in fostering community connections through cultural mapping. With a unique blend of heritage reverence and contemporary design flair, Tao’s creations become living narratives. He believes that the essence of architecture lies in its ability to resonate with local stories. Guided by this ethos, Tao’s work is a testament to his passion for bridging past and future. His contribution to our collaborations enriches our projects with a profound understanding of people, place, and design.