milling factory

Revitalising Faro's

forgotten heritage

Heritage & Public

Faro, Portugal

Redefining urban living with community values. Participatory research reveals the cultural significance of green spaces, empowering a visionary redesign of an industrial site. Embracing rehabilitation, cohabitation, and community ownership, this eco-conscious design resonates with all ages. Experience nature’s transformative power in Faro.

global housing

living in the

face of flooding

Urban design & Residential

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dhaka’s transformational project tackles flooding, heat, and pollution. With canals, greenery, and elevated buildings, this pedestrian-centric city fosters community engagement. Communal areas, rooftop farms, and porous facades create an oasis amidst nature, enhancing the lives of residents while preserving the environment.

pavilion 24

reimagining an

industrial icon

Heritage & Public

Moscow, Russia

Pavilion 24 transforms into a dynamic food market in Moscow. Preserving its historic allure, this project pays homage to the site’s industrial heritage. Immerse yourself in an authentic atmosphere where past and present seamlessly blend, offering a vibrant culinary experience in the heart of the city.

the green forum

Architecture as

a living organism

Public & Urban design

The Hague, Netherlands

A dynamic urban oasis near The Hague’s central station. Evolving and interconnected, this living organism embraces changing lifestyles. Metabolic buildings provide flexible spaces for public functions, empowering residents to shape their environment. Innovative design, modular construction, and sustainable systems ensure a vibrant and adaptable urban landscape.

typology transfer

Resilient living in

Dhaka's suburbs

Urban design & Residential

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Addressing housing and flooding challenges with unique typologies. Inspired by renowned case studies, this project introduces six new building typologies. From flood-proof floating farms to compact waterfront housing, it creates communal spaces and public green areas while enhancing accessibility and community engagement.

SC010 sporthighschool

Sport and leisure

along the maas


Rotterdam, Netherlands

Rotterdam’s Schiehaven project integrates nature and functionality. Green roofs, vertical slats, and innovative shading techniques optimize insulation and promote biodiversity. Discover how this design harmoniously connects indoor and outdoor spaces, creating an eco-friendly environment for learning, sports, and recreation.