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Building a Sustainable and Pedestrian-Friendly Dhaka: Tackling Flooding and Enhancing Amenities Through Innovative Design
The project aims to create a healthy living environment by addressing the main issues of flooding, lack of amenities, high temperatures, pollution, and lack of communal green spaces. The project is located in the area between Dhaka city and the Kaundiya region, which are separated by the Turag river. The solution proposed includes adding canals, embankments and greenery at the urban scale, while at the building scale, buildings are elevated, amenities are added, and porous façades and communal roofs are created. The area is transformed into a pedestrian city with only walking and cycling roads.
The proposed building typologies include semi-public communal areas spiraling around a core of amenities, with public spaces on rooftops for urban farming or recreational activities. The loadbearing structure is built with concrete columns and floor slabs, with a brick façade that allows for porosity and cross ventilation. A green space is located between the outer façade and the housing units, providing natural shading and cooling. The open ground floor allows for public use and modification according to the surroundings. This design offers a way for Dhaka city to expand while keeping a connection with nature and community, providing new qualities and improving the living conditions of local residents.

Diverse Living combined with community

A multifaceted housing block that seamlessly blends living diversity and communal spirit. This innovative project harmonizes various housing types, communal functions, and a vibrant communal street. Creating a holistic urban lifestyle where individuality thrives within a strong sense of community, all under one harmonious roof.

Customizable Open-Plan Housing Block

The housing block features an open floor plan, inviting residents to shape their spaces. Designed for adaptability, this innovative concept encourages multiple functions to coexist harmoniously. Embracing the freedom to build and personalize, fostering a community where every corner tells a unique story.

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