Pavilion 24

Reimagining an industrial icon








Transforming Pavilion 24: Reimagining an Industrial Icon with a Vibrant Food Market and Preserving its Authentic Industrial Charm
The project is focussed on the transformation of Pavilion 24, an old industrial site in the heart of Moscow, Russia, aimed at revitalising the area while preserving its original industrial charm. The project’s centrepiece is a dynamic food market, offering fresh produce, cooking workshops, and inviting dining spaces, all carefully designed to minimize structural interventions and retain the site’s authentic industrial atmosphere.
Respecting the historical significance of Pavilion 24, the project takes a thoughtful approach to preserve its original look and feel. Structural interventions are minimized, allowing the industrial character to shine through, reminiscent of the site’s rich heritage. This design philosophy ensures that visitors can immerse themselves in the authentic industrial ambiance, experiencing a unique blend of the past and present.
Through this architectural endeavour, Pavilion 24 becomes a vibrant hub of culinary activity, where the past and present coexist harmoniously. This revitalization project not only breathes new life into the area but also celebrates the site’s industrial heritage, creating a captivating destination that preserves the authentic atmosphere while offering a modern and dynamic experience.

Moscow's Industrial Site Transformed

Nestled within the heart of Moscow’s bustling center lies an old industrial site brimming with untapped potential. Our architectural endeavor breathes new life into this historic space, envisioning a renaissance of community engagement and vibrant public interaction.

Preserving Industrial Elegance

Our architectural project respects the site’s venerable character while infusing it with new life. The design is a dance of preservation and transformation, where historic charm and modern design converge to create an enduring legacy.

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