The Green Forum

Architecture as a living organism








The Green Forum: A Metabolic Building Revolutionizing Urban Spaces and Fostering Synergy Between Architecture and People
The Green Forum is a project located in front of the central station in The Hague, aimed at creating more green spaces in the urban environment. The project will expand towards the central station and create more coherence between the different pavilions.
The Forum itself can be described as a living organism that consists of interchangeable parts that are able to evolve or die. The metabolic building can accommodate the rapidly changing lifestyles of the residents of the metropolitan area of the Randstad. It offers a symbiotic cooperation between architecture and people. The program of the Green Forum asks for a large variety of public functions that need to be able to accommodate a large group of people in a constantly changing urban landscape. The metabolic buildings allow creating a plurality of new possibilities and combinations.
The Green Forum offers the spatial equipment for people to operate themselves. Using the catalogue, spaces can be created that meet the needs of the Green Forum. The base of the pavilions is formed by the towers on which the capsules are attached. The capsules are made with a modular construction and a high level of insulation, and are heated and cooled using an air to air heat pump.

metabolism as a system for growing buildings

Our project employs the metabolic system, enabling an unprecedented concept – a building that can grow, adapt, and respond. Creating a living structure that mirrors nature’s resilience, shaping spaces that evolve with the needs of the present and the promise of the future.

Design that shapes Future Spaces

Our innovative project is designed as a canvas of change, ensuring spaces transform seamlessly to match evolving user needs. Giving people the freedom to redefine the environment, as this architectural project flexes and adapts, nurturing endless possibilities.

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