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Revitalising Faro's forgotten heritage








Preserving Heritage, Nature, and Community: Revitalising Faro’s Industrial Site into a Sustainable and Inclusive Hub
The project explores the relationship between nature in cities and the values conveyed by local communities in Faro, Portugal. The research used participatory research methods to understand the cultural significance of green areas in cities, and to assess the values held by different generations. To engage with the local community a card game was developed focused set around nature based solutions. Several workshops where held with both children and elderly to reveal their interests and perspectives. The results showed that nature in cities is valued by local communities for economic, social, and ecological reasons.
The research was used for a values-based redesign of a vacant industrial site, which focuses on rehabilitation, cohabitation and community ownership. These themes had the purpose of allowing intergenerational interactions to take place within new proposed functions including workshop spaces, gardens, bars/restaurants, workspaces, clubs, and exhibition spaces The proposed design aligns with social, ecological, and economic values and received positive responses from both age groups. The project highlights the importance of understanding the cultural significance of nature in cities for different generations, and the potential for nature to increase well-being and create enjoyable spaces.


One of the key features of the project is the establishment of a community garden. This green space serves as a focal point for residents to come together, grow their own produce, and create a sense of belonging. The garden allows people to create themselves various plots, communal gathering areas, and spaces for educational workshops.

A Communal Street for Vibrant Interaction

At the centre of the project lays a Communal Street crafted to be the beating heart of social interaction. This vibrant space is thoughtfully designed to inspire spontaneous gatherings, conversations, and shared experiences. Witness the transformation of urban living into a dynamic tapestry of relationships and engagement, where people unite and stories unfold.

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