Street encounters to engage elderly citizens





We are thrilled to share a heartwarming update on our recent engagement endeavours within the vibrant community of Faro, Portugal. Through a series of workshops and street encounters, we had the honour of connecting with the esteemed elderly citizens of the Estacao neighbourhoods, uncovering their invaluable insights on the urban landscape they call home.
Hosting workshops in elderly homes proved challenging due to various factors, but our determination to engage with this vital demographic remained unwavering. Instead, we took to the heart of the community, organizing street encounters in public spaces where elderly individuals naturally gather, such as local cafes and inviting terraces. These settings became the canvas for meaningful conversations and urban insights.
Central to our engagement was a custom-designed card game that encapsulated a range of city-related actions. The game provided a playful yet profound platform for the participants to express their thoughts and opinions. Each card represented a distinct action or change that could potentially impact their neighbourhoods. Through thoughtful deliberation, the participants collectively decided to either accept or decline the proposed actions.
The outcomes of these encounters, as depicted by the card game choices, offered a clear window into the values and priorities of the elderly residents. The cards they accepted shed light on what matters most to them in their beloved Estacao neighbourhoods. Whether it was green spaces, community gathering points, or accessibility features, their choices painted a vivid picture of their aspirations for an inclusive and vibrant urban environment.
We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the elderly residents of Estacao for welcoming us into their conversations and sharing their invaluable insights. These interactions reflect the deep sense of community that binds us all and underscore the importance of bridging generations to create a more harmonious and sustainable neighbourhoods.