Engaging children in urban challenges





We’re excited to share a captivating update from our recent school workshop in Faro, Portugal, where we embarked on an interactive journey with young minds to address urban challenges within their city. The workshop, held in collaboration with a local school, had a remarkable mission: to engage children in the heart of urban challenges and empower them as creative problem-solvers. Through two distinct and engaging methods, we set out to explore their perceptions and aspirations for their city.
Method 1: Minecraft Redesign – Unleashing Digital Creativity. In the spirit of modern creativity, we introduced the students to the world of Minecraft. With this digital canvas, the children were tasked with redesigning one of the vacant buildings in the Estacao neighbourhoods. Their imaginative ideas took root as they added lush greenery and transformed these spaces with innovative new functions. The results not only showcased their digital dexterity but also unveiled their unique vision for a greener, more vibrant urban landscape.
Method 2: City Council Card Game – Nurturing Decision-Making Skills. The second method took a playful yet educational turn. Our custom-designed card game transformed the students into city council members. One child assumed the role of the mayor, while the others filled council seats. Each card represented a unique action or change that could be implemented in the city. The students had the opportunity to discuss and deliberate, fostering their teamwork and decision-making skills. Collaboratively, they chose which actions to incorporate into their city, giving us a captivating glimpse into their values and priorities.
Both methods illuminated the students’ understanding of their city and their aspirations for its future. Their redesigned buildings and chosen card actions collectively painted a vivid picture of how they view their urban environment. Their inclination toward green spaces and creative functionalities showcased a profound desire for a more sustainable and dynamic cityscape.
This workshop marks an important step in empowering the younger generation to actively participate in shaping their surroundings. We believe that their fresh perspectives, creativity, and inherent drive for positive change hold immense potential in addressing urban challenges.