Presentation for the Faro Municipality





We are excited to share a significant update on our latest project in collaboration with the Faro municipality. Over the past month, our dedicated team has been actively engaging with the vibrant community of the Estação neighbourhood through innovative participation methods. Our goal was to gain invaluable insights into the community’s perspectives on their neighbourhood and its natural surroundings.
Our approach encompassed four distinctive participation methods, each designed to capture a wide spectrum of opinions and experiences. Through cultural mapping, walking tours, the creative world of Minecraft, and an engaging card game, we reached out to residents of all ages. This inclusive strategy allowed us to gather a holistic understanding of the neighbourhood’s dynamics and the significance of nature within it.
Our engagement efforts have touched lives across generations, involving residents of all age groups from children to seniors. The focus on understanding how the community perceives their neighbourhood, particularly the natural elements within it, has yielded invaluable insights. Through these participation methods, we’ve embarked on a journey to truly understand how the Estacao neighbourhood’s residents value and envision their surroundings.
Beyond our participatory endeavours, we’ve also made significant strides in uncovering the untapped potential of vacant buildings within the area. Our team has meticulously studied and assessed these structures, identifying those that hold promise for rejuvenation. Our first findings, which we presented to the municipality, pave the way for meaningful conversations about revitalizing these spaces for the benefit of the community.
This project update marks a pivotal moment in our collaborative journey with the Faro municipality and the vibrant Estacao neighbourhoods. The combination of diverse participation methods and the discovery of hidden possibilities within vacant buildings propels us toward an exciting and impactful future.