International Building Challenge 2019





We are delighted to share an exciting update on our recent collaboration—the International Building Challenge. This extraordinary initiative brought together universities, students, and experts from multiple countries, fostering innovation, diversity, and cross-disciplinary collaboration.
The International Building Challenge was a remarkable endeavour that transcended borders, uniting universities from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Russia. Our very own team member played an important role in organizing this dynamic event, which saw students in the fields of architecture and engineering collaborating across national boundaries.
The heart of the challenge lay in reimagining several dated housing blocks in Enschede, under the stewardship of the esteemed housing corporation, Domijn. These housing units posed a unique opportunity to envision sustainable, cost-effective, ecologically conscious, and modern living spaces. The teams had just one week to pool their expertise and insights, crafting innovative designs that seamlessly integrated diverse factors.
Throughout the week, international and multidisciplinary teams worked diligently to formulate visionary designs. What set this challenge apart was the enriching interaction with experts from various fields, who offered invaluable guidance to help shape the designs. This holistic approach ensured that each proposal was not only creative but also practically viable, reflecting the spirit of real-world architecture and engineering.
The week-long journey culminated in the presentation of these groundbreaking designs before a distinguished jury. Comprising educators from each participating university and representatives of Domijn, the jury evaluated the proposals based on their innovation, sustainability, feasibility, and their potential to elevate community living.