International Building Challenge 2018





We are thrilled to unveil the remarkable journey of the International Building Challenge, a dynamic collaboration that transcended borders and ignited the spirit of innovation among students from renowned universities. Our very own team member played a pivotal role in orchestrating this visionary event, following the resounding success of the previous year’s challenge held in Moscow.
Uniting universities from the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and Russia, the International Building Challenge symbolized the potency of cross-border cooperation. Enlisting the prowess of students studying architecture and engineering, this initiative underscored the incredible possibilities when diverse disciplines come together.
The canvas for this year’s challenge was an empty terrain in Enschede, eagerly awaiting transformative ideas. The teams were tasked with envisioning innovative housing solutions, ranging from tiny homes to movable or modular housing. This project not only fostered creative thinking but also invited practical considerations related to sustainability, cost-effectiveness, ecology, and quality of living.
The essence of the challenge was the intensive one-week journey, where international and multidisciplinary teams toiled relentlessly to craft visionary designs. Each team’s journey was guided by meetings with experts across various domains, lending their wisdom to shape designs that encapsulated innovation and feasibility.
The pinnacle of the challenge arrived as each team presented their transformative designs before a jury comprising educators from the participating universities. The presentations not only showcased architectural ingenuity but also the harmonious blend of ideas from different cultural and educational backgrounds.