Final presentation of pavilion 24





We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of the Pavilion 24 project, an endeavour that encapsulates innovation, collaboration, and design excellence. Our journey through this project was marked by passion, ingenuity, and a triumphant finish as our team emerged as the winners of this prestigious competition.
This year’s focus was dedicated to the renovation and redevelopment of Building 24 at the Trekhgornaya factory—an architectural marvel distinguished by its technical and aesthetic brilliance, employing unique interpretations of fachwerk. The project brought together 2nd and 3rd-year students from esteemed institutions including the Institute of Business and Design (B&D), the Institute of Industrial Management at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (IOM RANEPA), the Higher School of Business, Construction and Technology at the University of Applied Sciences “BB Saxion,” University of Applied Sciences, and Moscow Architectural Institute (MARCHI).
The Pavilion 24 project served as a crucible of interaction among developers, engineers, architects, designers, and clients—simulating the real-world dynamics of collaborative creation. The workshops provided an environment of dynamic exchange, fostering the rapid acquisition of experience and knowledge. It’s within this vibrant atmosphere that novel and unexpected ideas found their genesis, enriching the discourse beyond expectation.
The project’s workflow was structured into distinct phases: Research, “Creative Workshop,” Excursions (architectural site visits guided by experts), Discussions, and Presentations. Teams, guided by faculty (team leaders) and seasoned specialists across diverse fields, including architecture, design, development, technical equipment, ecology, and landscaping, worked collaboratively to weave their expertise into innovative solutions.
Our team’s dedication and innovation bore fruit, as we emerged victorious in the design competition. The culmination of intensive research, creative ideation, and diligent execution, our design stood out among the exceptional entries.